We believe everyone deserves beautiful skin.

In 2022, we started Mommy Had A Little One with the simple goal of giving the entire family great skin. From that day forward we have stopped at nothing to create the most original, pure and effective formulas in the skincare game. My son was born in February 2020, exactly a month before the pandemic shut the entire world down. Upon becoming a mother, I was so enamored by my little boy’s skin and I wanted to do all I could to protect it. During my entire pregnancy, I actually made and sold body butters mixed with sweet almond oil. The idea of bath salts came from me realizing that I was spending entirely too much on bath salts and lotions for my family and this winter season has left us all exceptionally dry. I saw how much fun the homemade bath salts brought to bath time with our son and came up with this idea of a brand for moms to also enjoy with baby. Unwinding, natural moisture without leaving your skin filmy or greasy and fragrance are some of our top priorities in our products. Also having some of the active ingredients in some of our mainstay everyday products without preservatives or active ingredients that actually do more harm than good was key in the sourcing and combination of our ingredients. Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies. Mommy Had A Little One was designed to give all of our skin a mother’s love. Daddies have tried and love the products as well…

We want you to love your skin, and we want your daily bathing and skincare rituals to be as luxurious and guilt-free as possible.

Mommy and toddler boy face of MHALO


Skincare is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry. And the handmade skincare industry has a market value of over $6 billion as of 2021. Let’s face it, it’s a necessity; there are billions of people in this world, all obviously with skin and a need to moisturize and protect it. That said, there is a market and a need for everyone. We are constantly researching and testing (on myself, of course & my willing subjects; my son and husband) formulas for winter skincare needs, everyday bath needs and things to make bath time fun, whether it be for yourself, for baby or even baby and me.


Of course you wouldn’t trust the largest organ on you or your family’s body to a brand that doesn’t do their research, right?! I’ve been researching and sourcing the ingredients and packaging for Mommy Had A Little One for over four years. This brand is constantly being perfected along with its practices, products and research. Helping my husband maintain his psoriasis has always been a priority of mine, and once our son was born, I made it my mission to stay vigilant with his skin because he comes from two families with sensitive skin. This is most definitely a brand for moms to have something to relax for alone, but I also implore children and daddy and even women who are not mothers to take advantage of these products. Everyone’s skin needs that same amount of care regardless of who they are.

Made with love in Baltimore, Maryland.